The Replay Library is your home for accessing replays, updating settings including Billing, and launching the Replay Browser.
You can access your library by logging in at app.replay.io from any browser β€” you do not need to have the Replay Browser installed. If it is installed, you can click the blue β€œLaunch Replay” button to open the browser.
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Viewing replays

You can view replays from your personal library and from any teams available to you. Switch between libraries by clicking on a team in the left sidebar.
Within a library, you can browse or search replays. The library view shows the visibility, author, and number of comments for each replay.

Editing/deleting a replay

You can rename, delete, or change the visibility or team association for replays you have recorded in your library. Click the three-dot menu icon on any individual replay to edit, or click the Edit button to make changes to multiple replays at once.

Updating personal settings

View your personal profile settings by clicking β€œView settings” under your name at the bottom of the left sidebar. From this menu, you can:
  • Update Preferences, including Appearance Theme (Dark, Light, or System)
  • Generate API Keys for automated recordings
    • Note: Personal API Keys are capped to 10 recordings. For more, create a team.
  • Update Privacy and Notifications preferences
    • Note: Replay uses LogRocket to record user sessions in order to diagnose issues after the fact and better understand how improve the product. Sensitive user information is redacted and intellectual property such as source code, filenames, and runtime data is redacted. This can be disabled in Privacy Settings. Read our Security & Privacy policy for more details.
  • View Support and Legal information
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Settings can also be updated from within a replay when logged in by clicking the three dot menu in the upper right-hand corner.

Updating team settings

Access team settings by clicking the gear icon next to the team name in the sidebar. You can also create a new team from the sidebar.
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From the settings menu, you can:
  • Update team name
  • Add/update team logo
  • Manage member access
  • Generate API Keys for automated recordings
  • Delete team
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