Team + Org Management

Replay Teams are a shared space to organize replays and collaborate across your team.

Setting up a team

To create a team:
  1. Navigate to the Replay Library.
  1. Click "Create Team" in the sidebar.
  1. Give the team a name.
  1. Invite users by email address or invite link.
Sharing the invite link is the easiest way to invite everyone on your team. New members added by invite link are Developers by default. Check the box below the invite link to restrict access based on email domain.
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User Role Definitions

Replay users are either Users or Developers. Our plans charge by Developer seat. All role types within a team are able to make any replay within the team public.
  • Developers have full debugging capabilities, including access to print statements and console evaluation
  • Users can record replays and have some DevTools functionality, but they cannot edit a print statement or evaluate in the console
  • Admins have access to Billing information. Either role type can also be made an Admin, and you can have as many Admins on a team as you want
While you are only charged for Developer seats, both Developers and Users contribute to the user limits for our Team and Organization plans and recordings per month.

Updating user roles

User roles can be updated any time in the Team Settings in your Replay Library. Addition or removal of Developer seats will be automatically applied to your plan and your billing will updated on a prorated basis.
For more details on other Team Settings, check out the Library page.

Organization Settings

Organization plans have additional features that can be enabled from the Organization tab in Team Settings. These include:
  • Editing the Team name
  • Updating the allow and block lists for recordable URLs
  • Disable public recordings
  • Disable personal library for team members
  • Set role type for new users added to the team
  • Update welcome message for your team
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SSO and Security

Replay supports SSO integrations such as Okta and SAML 2.0 so that you can keep your existing identity and authentication system.
SSO is available on Organization and Enterprise plans. View the Pricing page for details.
πŸ”Okta Integration with Auth0
Replay has robust Privacy and Security policies to support Enterprise requirements.
πŸ”’Enterprise Security Features
More information can be found on our Security and Privacy page.

API Key Setup and Limits

Teams can create API Keys for uploading source maps during deploys or uploading replays recorded programmatically via our Node, Playwright, or Puppeteer recorders.
Generate API Keys for automated recordings from Personal Settings or Team Settings.
  • Note: Personal API Keys are capped to 10 recordings. For more, create a team.
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Billing FAQ

Where do invoices get sent? How do I add email addresses for the invoices to be sent to?
By default, payment receipts are sent to the email address of the creator of the team. To add or update a billing email address or to request copies of invoices, contact support@replay.io.
How do I add a payment method?
A payment method can be added from the Billing section in Team Settings. To update a payment method, delete the current card and you will be able to add a new one.
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My trial is expiring soon, will you provide an extension?
Reach out to your Replay point of contact, we aim to be flexible around trials to ensure companies have ample time to get familiar with Replay, see value, and find the right plan.

Pricing Plan FAQ

Our plan details are at replay.io/pricing.
What are the main differences between Team and Org + Enterprise Plans?
If more than 10 people from your team use Replay, then an Organization or Enterprise plan is the recommended plan.
Org + Enterprise plans include added security features like SSO integration, more configurability of user settings, libraries, and higher limits for recordings and API keys.
What is the maximum number of users on Team Plan?
You can have up to 10 users total (Developers + Users) on the Team plan. We charge based on Developer seats. Any Replay User can make a recording for the Team.
What are the differences between a Developer and a User role?
Any User can record, view, and comment on replays. Developers also have access to print statements and console evaluations. You would only pay for the number of Developer seats needed. See User Role Definitions for details.
How do user limits work?
User limits are based on the total number of Users and Developers on a Team. You can have any combination of role types, but both contribute to the user limit.
  • Team: 10
  • Organization: 100
  • Enterprise: Unlimited